From the green witch with the wart nose and pointy chin to the Egyptian queen's signature head piece and the infamous glass slipper - Props, scenery, costuming and make up all work with the dramatic presentation to make our characters believable. It's this believability that causes us to identify with characters. While an actor can portray the wicked witch beautifully, if they walk on stage in their daily attire, the level of believability is lost and so is your audience.

Our students will go from being novices to being able to create an entire atmosphere for the characters. From initial stage design to final curtain call, our creative arts students will learn the skills necessary to transform a wooden stage and curtains to a dragon's lair or a space station on Venus. They will learn how to take the youngest child and transform them into a tiny old man and take the most beautiful young lady and transform her into a beggarly, blind pauper.

Photography, painting, make-up artistry, drawing, costume design, stage and prop design are all essential to a well-planned production. BibleTheater & Academy of The Arts dives into every aspect of creativity, emphasizing the value of every team member's role.