BibleTheater Productions [outside the Academy]

Some of the gifts and talents God has placed in the body of Christ  are artistic in their expression. But not all artistic gifts have an opportunity to pass through the Academy. Sometimes a person has an awesome idea or concept that the Lord has inspired, but they may lack the experience or know-how to create a production from that idea or concept. Yet others who have been involved in theater in the past,  may receive an inspiration or directive from the Lord for a production,  but may lack adequate personnel or resources to accomplish that particular production.  In each case, BibleTheater is there to help in every way. When a theater production is God inspired and given to a minister who may be neither student nor staff member of the Academy of the Arts, then BibleTheater is there to not only help ensure the total success of that production, but also assist in keeping things working and flowing within the boundaries already established for Ministry of the Arts.

   Below are a few examples:






BibleTheater has helped train and develop ministers in the Arts over the past two decades in projects ranging anywhere from gospel stage plays to skits, dramatizations, and vignettes. In theater, the possibilities and avenues of ministry are limitless. The stage allows us entrance into the heart like no other ministry.  Learn to become a Minister of the Arts. Learn to use the gift that God has placed in you to further the gospel of the Kingdom.