Engaged learning opportunities await every student that embarks on this ministerial journey. We strive for excellence in all we do, including our service to you. Our quest is to help provide quality tools and support needed for our students to be successful in creatively sharing the gospel.

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The quintessential heartbeat of Bible Theater is the biblical perspective through which we train our ministers. Without this critical component, we become as any other secular training facility - just with the word "bible" attached, in order to give the appearance of having Christian values.


Dance & Drama bring the words off the pages using everyday practical situations, circumstances, and relationships to reveal God’s heart and mind.


The Creative Arts Workshop of the Academy focuses on developing student skills in creating costumes, props, and sets, using etc, available and specialized resources.


Many individuals have been compacted with the gift of writing to edify the body of Christ and minister life to those who have yet to know him.